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I think the best way to do music is with friends. Some friends don't sing or play music, they listen and support and experience. Each of the tracks in here is based upon living and experiencing music together. Audience and performer. We can make the way we interact much more fun.

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    This is a really special tier. It's the individual track tier. Your contribution goes toward making single tracks, in studio. No basement recording here!

    Just think about this:
    A recording studio costs about $75 an hour. To grab some amazing musicians is 100 an hour. We can make some good music in an hour. Just songs and whatnot and no bells and whistles. It's what its all about. The more time I can get in a studio, the more music I can make and share with you and other subscribers.

    Once we raise enough money to record a track, I'll go in! It's easy and really a blast.

    Right now in the hopper is "The Prayer," both as a solo and as a duet with a very fine soprano!
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Nathan Granner
Los Angeles, California
Tenor Nathan Granner, a renowned solo and collaborative artist, has a “vibrant and flexible” voice (The Boston Globe) and “possesses utter control of a ravishing mixed head sound.” (Opera News) Mr. Granner uses his voice in a variety of artistic and expressive styles, ranging from opera to jazz and classical cross-over performances.

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